“Never Slip” Bait Tape Benefits and Features

1. Retains positon on jig ensuring life-like presentation

2. Retains life-like presentation of soft bait after strikes and snags

3. Catch more fish due to maintaining life-like presentation

4. Customize and accent bait color – 10 colors available including clear

5. Customize bait contour of tube baits

6. Dramatically increases life of bait – substantial savings

7. Improved hook-ups into jaw due to hook orientation on wacky rigging

8. Reduced underwater snags due to hook being in-line with length of soft bait on wacky rigging

9. Reduced line twist during retrieve due to hook orientation on wacky rigging

10. Low profile without increase in soft bait density, softness or action

11. One-size fits all


Never Slip Tape: Save Money – Save Time – Catch more fish