Bass fishing, maximizing time on the water with fun and enjoyment and success has been my focus. I am not a professional angler.  Many of my friends and family believe I have more luck than skill when bass fishing.  I cannot deny they are probably correct.  Yet, I truly enjoy it (with a little laugh) when I hear from them “not another one, you are so lucky”…

I have always experimented with numerous fishing techniques and baits. I prefer to fish soft plastic baits over any other bait. I am a believer the more time on the water with your bait in a life-like presentation will result in increased success.

One of my largest fishing challenges has been maintaining my bait in a life-like presentation. Specifically; keeping my bait positioned on the jig head after repeated casts/retrieves and after above/below water snags and fish strikes. I consistently get my bait into the desired water column and location when I snag or miss a strike. As I continue the retrieve I sense the added drag knowing the bait has repositioned down the hook creating a ball of plastic that never entices a strike.  A rapid retrieve – repositioning (if possible) or replacing the bait – followed by a cast hoping to encourage another strike. Many times it results in a missed opportunity with no action.

I experimented with all the retaining products from barbs, springs, retainer devices, adhesives, o-rings and … I never was able to get any of the available retaining products to perform consistently with ease of application resulting in a life-like presentation.

In my previous corporate employment I was an inventor and product development engineer for a Fortune 500 company. Developing materials, manufacturing processes and products from medical implantable devices, salt water desalination, Teflon fly fishing flylines and … was my primary job responsibility.

Years after leaving corporate employment I began experimentation and development of a product to maintain soft bait position on a jig. ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape was developed after 2+ years on the water. This self-fusing elastomeric material solves the issue of maintaining bait position after repeated casts/retrieves, violent jerking after above/below water snags and fish strikes. It also greatly enhances the useful life of any soft bait resulting in substantial cash savings.

The success of this product resides in the self-fusing material elongation being able to adequately compress the outer diameter of the soft bait in the belly section of the jig head shank. The retention of the soft bait to the jig head is no longer associated with the soft bait material circumferential hoop strength.

‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape is a one-size-fits-all solution for all soft bait issues resulting from artificial or natural baits being repositioned down the hook shank eliminating life-like presentation.

‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape dramatically increases useful life and reuse of individual soft baits.  Soft baits with ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape will not need to be replaced due to loose fit between the jig and bait. (Manufacturers sell 50 to 65% of their soft baits inventories due to product failures and loss of life-like presentations associated with loose fit between the jig and bait). You save substantial money on reduced soft bait purchases when using ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape.

Additionally, ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape is simple and easy to apply on any soft bait.  It is available in multiple widths and lengths along with (10) colors including clear.

Anglers are able to create numerous custom color combinations of soft baits using ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape.

‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape has multiple fishing applications. Wacky rigging soft stick baits with ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape such as Gary Yamamoto Custom Bait Senkos has phenomenal results.

Wrap ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape around the mid-section of a soft stick bait creating multiple layers.  Locate a hook under the ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape without perforating the ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape.  ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape greatly enhances  bait longevity and soft stick bait attachment/interface.

A hook penetrating a soft stick bait (without ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape) acts as a dull knife cutting through the soft stick bait after limited casts, retrieves, snags and hook-sets.

Positioning the hook under the wraps of ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape in-line with the soft stick bait results in:

  • increased hook-ups into the jaw
  • dramatic reduction in line twist during retrieve
  • color enticement increasing strike numbers
  • substantial increase in useful life of all soft baits
  • catch more fish


Never Slip Tape: Save Money – Save Time – Catch more fish