Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape?

A: ‘Never Slip” Bait Tape is a specialty material that self-fuses when stretched/elongated and wrapped upon itself. It is the stretching/elongation that facilitates the molecular fusion process. Contact between two surfaces of the material when ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape is stretched to twice its original length produces maximum bond strength. Stop stretching for the final 1/4″ and press down firmly to secure. Contact between two surfaces of the material when wrapped under reduced stretching/elongation will have reduced fusion and bonding.


Q: What makes ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape so special?

A: ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape is specially formulated so that when it is applied and comes in contact with itself, it immediately begins to fuse without any adhesive or residue.  Maximum bond occurs after a short period of time.


Q: How does the fusing process work without glue or adhesives?

A: The bond is achieved through very unique chemistry.  ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape uses a cross-linking technology that links individual molecules to another.  Bonding occurs in millions of locations on a molecular level at the interface of the tape surfaces.


Q: What are the three layers of ‘Never Slip Bait Tape?

A: ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape is sandwiched between two protective layers (“rigid card” and “clear flexible film”. These protective layers:

  1. facilitate delivery
  2. prevent ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape from sticking to itself
  3. provides a barrier against dirt, sand and foreign substances that limit self-fusion

Removal of both protective layers is required prior to applying to your plastic bait.


Q. Do the surfaces of ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape need to be clean prior to wrapping?

A: For best results, keep ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape sandwiched between both protective layers prior to wrapping.  Avoid getting dirt or foreign substances between the wrapped layers as this will interfere with bonding and self-fusion.


Q: Why does puncturing or notching ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape cause it to tear from side to side?

A: ‘Never Slip’ Bait tape is manufactured by extrusion followed by a sintering and heat setting process. The extrusion process orientates the molecular chains in a longitudinal direction (building strength). ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape extrusion process provides for notch sensitivity enabling easy removal and replacement of a new strip when desired by the angler. Perforating with a hook or notching the side of a tag end (resulting from inadequate stretching during application) will allow for easy removal.


Q: How long does ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape last?

A: Unopened and kept in a cool dry place, ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape will easily last over a year. Once applied, ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape will perform for a days fishing under optimal conditions. Stretching to twice it’s original length while applying to bait produces maximum bond strength. Proper application compresses the underlying soft bait resulting in the elimination of bait relocation during fishing. In some applications a tag end will be visible after wrapping or a short period of fishing. The tag end is a result of insufficient stretch/elongation during initial wrapping. Removal of the tag end is easily accomplished by clipping off or perforating/notching the side edge of the tag end and lightly pulling. In some applications the underlying soft bait continues to compress over time and reduces the stretch/elongation created during initial application. Reduced stretch/elongation results in a longer tag end. Removal of ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape with replacement of a new strip may be required. ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape is not recommended for longer term storage after application when underlying soft bait continues to compress under stretch/elongation.


Q: Can ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape be relocated and adjusted after wrapping?

A: No. The bonding and self-fusion process begins immediately upon contact after stretching.  Attempts to reposition after initial contact typically results in tearing of ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape and/or substantial reduction of self-fusion due to severed molecular bonds.


Q. How do I remove ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape?

A. You can remove ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape easily using scissors, line nippers or by perforating or notching the side of the strip followed by lightly pulling.


Q: Does ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape come in different sizes and custom colors?

A: ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape is manufactured and converted to the specifications demanded by L & L Outdoor Products. Our manufacturing company is capable of making a wide range of sizes and custom colors for all fresh water and salt water applications.  For more information please visit www.NeverSlipBaitTape.com and inquire through “Contact”.


Q. What are the available colors of ‘Never Slip’ Bait tape?

A: 10 fish catching colors:  Crystal, Green Watermelon, Pumpkin, Red Shad, Black Night, Gray Smoke, Rootbeer, Pearl White, Lemon Yellow, Electric Blue.

Custom colors and color blending are available with production run quantities.


Q: What are the available sizes of ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape?

A: 3/16″ wide X 2″ long is the most used size of ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape for freshwater applications.

Custom sizes are available with production run quantities.


Q: Do ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape colors fade?

A: No. ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape is highly resistant to ultra-violet rays as well as ocean salts.


For more information please visit www.NeverSlipBaitTape.com and inquire through “Contact”.

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