My earliest recollection of the outdoors is fishing with my grandfather in the Imperial Valley of California. He would take us to canals and irrigation bar ditches where we would always catch fish. Later in life I heard my grandfather would catch fish for weeks prior to our arrival and stock these locations where we had our success.

I also recall numerous outings where my parents would take the family to mountain ponds and creeks where we caught limits of stocked trout… There were also the numerous trips where my father took my brother and me on adventures to hunt birds and big game. My parents are great at building memories to last a lifetime.

It was these early outings that instilled in me the passions and obsessions I have to fish and hunt the outdoors.

Fishing and hunting have always monopolized my thoughts and time. I have been very fortunate to take advantage of the opportunities to experience fishing and hunting from the lower 48, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Africa and Europe.

The excitement of the outdoors continues to intensify as my personal and professional experiences continue with family, friends and business partners.

My professional life has mimicked the excitements and adventures of my outdoor passions in many ways. Over 20 years of corporate life lead me through a progression including mechanical engineering, research, product development, invention and patenting devices and products from medical implantable devices, salt water desalination to Teflon fly fishing fly line. I was very fortunate to be working with teams of brilliant engineers, research scientists and inventors.  This creative and entrepreneur environment was inspiring and life changing.

I transitioned from corporate life to explore the adventure of owning and operating successful businesses from real estate sales and development, small businesses along with continuing development and patenting products focused around my outdoor passions of fishing and hunting.

Today I am ‘living the dream’ of sharing my life with a gorgeous, intelligent wife of 20+ years, daughters, grand children, family and friends while pursuing my personal and professional passion.  Building memories to last a lifetime…

Never Slip Tape: Save Money – Save Time – Catch more fish