Never Slip Bait Tape is the Best Period

‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape is absolutely amazing… I use it for my Senkos, jig trailers, and wacky rig presentations! With the many colors to choose from you can blend the tape on your favorite color soft plastic bait.  My favorite rig I like to throw is a darter head with a grub or straight tail worm. Using the ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape gives me the confidence in this scenario; When a short strike occurs and there is no hookup we as fishermen have to reel the bait back in to make sure the grub or worm has not been pulled off the darter head/jig to re-position the bait. With the ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape you can just wait for the second strike to occur because you already know your bait is positioned correctly thus a better chance for the hookup! Along with saving tons of money on your favorite soft plastic baits, use your imagination and the possibilities are endless with this product!  ‘Never Slip’ Bait Tape is the best period!

Andy Manahl
Professional Angler
Mesa, Az

Never Slip Tape: Save Money – Save Time – Catch more fish